_MG_3866Besides formulating improved and new policies, much can be achieved through improved implementation of already existing policies. Our Zonal Investment Plans will serve as investment support documents for MAAIF and other funding bodies to prioritize investments in the area on policy action. These Zonal Investment Plans will be based on thorough analysis on potentials and comparative advantages of alternative enterprises.

Besides providing details on financial investments and returns, the PASIC project will also identify key actors responsible for succesful implementation, clearly describing their roles and responsibilities.

The Zonal Investment Plans help identify opportunities for both the private and public sector to invest in thematic areas that provide high returns and help remove bottle-necks for other actors along the value chain.

In the end donors should be able to use the PASIC Investment Plans to explore best returns on project or institutional support. District local government can use our plans to better target their human, physical and financial investments. The private sector should be able to identify the best opportunities for growth in the long and short term using the PASIC investment plans. Opening the way for partnerships and co-investments all along the value chain. Steps in developing the Investment plans are in the document below:

Investment planning steps