partners MAAIF and IITAPASIC is a research project that aims at impacting policy on intensification. That is what the PASIC project set out to do at it’s launch. Since then, change has been set in motion successfully already in the first operational year of PASIC.
PASIC is a partnership project in which MAAIF takes the lead. Research organisations IITA, IFPRI and the EPRC each take on a specific part in data collection, ensuring future decision are evidence based.

In the first two years; PASIC conducted Multi-Level research at the farmer plot level, market- and value chain studies and evaluated Policy and Institutions at both local and national level in areas that could enable crop intensification; then the generated evidence would become case studies for true intensification.

Creation of Zonal Investment Plans and messages is based on the good practices and recommendations of the Multi-Level research findings and a manual on the process would enable the MAAIF to replicate it in other areas or for other crops.

Human resource capacity improvement for MAAIF and partners’ staff would empower them to improve and implement policies for sustainable crop intensification in Uganda. For more in-depth information please have a look at our project proposal.

All project partners are working hard together at achieving this goal. Read all about their day-to-day progress on our blog and follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter.